WBT course 2019

WBT course 2019

Introductory and Advanced Courses on Well-Being Therapy 2019

The Introductory Course on WBT has taken place in Florence (Italy) on September 14-15, 2019. Faculty included Giovanni A. Fava, Jesse H. Wright, Chiara Rafanelli, Elena Tomba, Fiammetta Cosci and Jenny Guidi. Participants were from all over the world. During the Introductory Course, basic mechanisms of WBT were explained and the new applications described. Then, participants who previously applied for the Certificate of WBT Specialist presented and discussed with the Faculty their clinical cases at the Advanced Course, that was held on September 15, 2019. 

Participants in the Introductory Course on Well-Being Therapy
(Florence, 2019)

Giulia Anna Aldi (Italy)
Roberto Amoia (Italy)
Maria Elena Brianda (Belgium)
Danilo Carrozzino (Italy)
Marie-Victoire Chopin (France)
Monique De Lugt (the Netherlands)
Hans Knoop (the Netherlands)
Ertugrul Halil Koroglu (Turkey)
Maxim Kuschpel (Switzerland)
Peter Meulenbeek (the Netherlands)
Oliver Neubert (Switzerland)
Chiara Patierno (Italy)
Natsu Sasaki (Japan)
Andrea Svicher (Italy)
Martina Valentini (Italy)
Hongxing Wang (China) Agnieszka Wozniewicz (Poland)
Yaprak Zararsiz (Turkey)

Participants in the Advanced Course on Well-Being Therapy
(Florence, 2019) 

Eva-Lotta Brakemeier (Germany)
Simon Bollmann (Germany)
Giovanni Mansueto (Italy)
Isabel Schamon (Germany)
Jianjun Wang (China)