WBT course 2023

WBT course 2023

Introductory and Advanced Courses on Well-Being Therapy 2023

The Introductory Course on WBT was held online on May 12-14, 2023. Faculty included Giovanni A. Fava, Jesse H. Wright, Fiammetta Cosci, Jenny Guidi, Chiara Rafanelli, Elena Tomba. Participants were from all over the world. During the Introductory Course, basic mechanisms of WBT were explained and the new applications described. Then, participants who previously applied for the Certificate of WBT Specialist presented and discussed with the Faculty their clinical cases at the Advanced Course, held on May 14, 2023.

Participants in the Introductory Course on Well-Being Therapy
(online, 2023)

Eleonora Cilli
Federica Guerra
Jessica Ranieri
Carolina Rometsch
Colinda Looijs
Dr. Andrea Jobst
Dr. Fabienne Große-Wentrup
Heike Niedermeier
Mirjam Glaser
Sabine Fink
Sabine Krueger
Sina Feuerstein

Participants in the Advanced Course on Well-Being Therapy
(online, 2023)

Ajandek Eory (Hungary)
Maxim Kuschpel (Switzerland)
Sara Palmieri (Italy)
Marco Tafi (Italy)